Al-Hira Society

Al-Hira Society Aurangabad (Reg.No.Mah.75/84(B.P.T.) F-1101 A'bad Nov.'84) is one of the leading organisations who run many educational institutions in Aurangabad and nearby places. Al-Irfan school is also run by the society. Under the supervision of the main body, a specially organised local managing committee (LMC) is looking after the day to day affairs of the school.

Local Managing Committee, Khuldabad.

Name Position
Mr. Mujtaba Farooq President
Mr. Mohammad Arif Vice President
Mr. Imran Nehri Secretary
Mr. Ahmed Mohiuddin Joint Secretary
Mr. Mohammed Iqbal Treasurer
Mr. Khalid Al-Attas Member
Mr. Ghulam Rahmani Member
Mr. Shaikh Najmuddin Member
Mr. Shaikh Ismail Member
Mr. Maqsood Quadri Member

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