Rules & Regulation

Rules & Regulation of Hostel

1 Al-Irfan (CBSE) Secondary School is basically a residential school, there are five dormitories in Hostel building accommodating 300 students.

1. Quartaba          2.Aqsa         3.Suffa         4.Arafat         5.Huda

2 Admission to the hostels is exclusively on Principal’s discretion. The students who avail hostel accommodation must follow all rules and regulations. A resident is eligible to continue in the hostel.

(i) As long as he fulfills the norms laid down in the hostel guidelines.

(ii) The conduct report of the said resident from the respective warden is satisfactory.

(iii) There are no complaints of indiscipline and misbehavior with hostel staff or fellow residents.

3 Mess is compulsory for all residents. The residents are required to take meals in the Dining Hall Only.

(i) Dining Hall timing shall be fixed as notified from time to time. All residents shall adhere to these timings.

(ii) Food shall not be taken out of dining hall. Only sick residents may be allowed by warden / caretaker to have light meals in sick rooms.

(iii) All resident shall be present in mess at the time of all meals.

(iv) Carrying of mess articles / plates to the dormitories or elsewhere is strictly prohibited. (The hostel mess will not function during vacations)

4 All students should vacate the hostel at the end of each academic session within two days.
5 Campus Leaving Rules :

(i) No student/group of students is allowed to leave the campus. However they can go with parents after the permission of chief warden.

(ii) In case of sickness or medical reasons, Students will leave the campus accompanied by warden.

(iii) Student desiring to leave the station must obtain prior written permission on prescribed Performa from the authority.

(iv) Strict disciplinary action shall be taken against those who fail to abide by the leave attendance rules.

6 Station Leaving Rules :

(i) Leave shall not be granted to attend functions and ceremonies except marriage of real brother/sister and death of very close relative.

(ii) In case of sickness, leave shall be granted only on the basis of doctor’s advice.

7 All basic necessities of purchasing are fulfilled in campus itself through canteen. Barber, Tailor, Cobbler visits campus once in a week (Sunday). Students are supposed to fulfil their needs on their arrival in campus and not go outside the campus.
8 Conduct:

(i) Any student damaging the hostel property in any manner shall pay the full cost including installation charges. In addition, he would also be liable to a fine imposed by authority.

(ii) At the end of each academic year assessment of damage to common utilizes will be made by Hostel authorities and a “GENERAL FINE “may be imposed on residents.

(iii) If any student brings Mobile for the convenience in travelling, he must compulsorily submit it to the warden just after entering the campus which will be returned to him while leaving.

(iv) Student must respect each other and should adopt decent and polite behavior. Teasing, beating, insulting other students is prohibited. Any second violation will lead to expulsion from hostel.

(v) Smoking and use of tobacco in any form is prohibited. Any violation in this regard will lead to expulsion from the hostel.

(vi) Posters or stickers should not be pasted on walls. No writing on walls.

(vii) Homosexuality is part of ‘Zero Tolerance Policy’ of school. Without any notice, student will be expelled.

(viii) Students are not allowed to make any noise especially after Maghrib disturb privacy of other residents nearby.

(ix) Students must maintain hygiene and keep their belongings very neat and clean.

(x) Hostel may be inspected by authorities at any time.

9 Student will abide by the vacation schedule strictly. All late comers will be fined/given penalty as decided by authorities.

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