School follows the syllabus and curriculam of Central Board of Secondary Educatio. New Delhi. The classes are divided into three mediums like english, semi english and urdu medium. We follow the text books of NCERT for implemeting CBSE syllabus in our school. In al Irfan we offers classes form 6th std to 10th std we conduct english medium and urdu medium classes separately from 6th std to 10th std. Students have two options. One is pure English medium and another is semi english medium( Urdu-pattern ).

As per the curriculam we offer to the students of various classes, subjects like mathematics, science, social science and languages like English, Urdu,Hindi, Marathi and arabic. Along with this Arts, Physcal Educations and Computer education also will be provided.

Co-Scholastic Activities

With the vision of overall development of the students, school gives equal importance to co-curricular activities, physical education, sports and games.

Under different clubs and departments we organized many personality development programs, day celebration, arts and literary competition etc. We organize field trips and school excursions to different places of educational importants .

Different competitions like painting, coloring, performing arts etc are being organized in the school in various occations. In sports and games we provide better facilities for the student’s physical development. Football, Volleyball, Basketball, Badminton, Kabbady, Tennis. Cricket, etc are coached under special teachers.

We give special training in martial arts like judo and karate.

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