Rules & Regulations School

Rules & Regulations

 Students must be punctual in all school activities.

 Students who are late in Morning Assembly are subjected to late-coming procedure.

 All students are expected to wear complete uniform in school timing.

 Identity cards must be pinned on the uniform.

 All the students especially English Medium students should try to converse in English to develop their language skills.

 Regular late coming, frequent absence, negligence in wearing uniform, carelessness in students will be viewed seriously.

 Students are not allowed to go out of the classroom without permission.

  Students are strictly not allowed to consume food and sweet drinks in classrooms.

  Damage done to School Buildings, Furniture, Library Books, Laboratories, Sports

Goods etc. will be viewed as violence. Such losses should be paid for.

 Any student found to have taken other students belongings will face Suspension.

 Only class leaders /monitors are allowed to enter staff-room.

 Hair must be kept neat and tidy at all times. Fancy Hair styling, dyeing and bleaching of hair are strictly prohibited for all students.

  Any student caught copying in any examination or found committing malpractice will be suspended from the school.

 Every student should take part in the school games unless physically unfit or exempted by principal. No student is allowed to play except the decided schedule..

 All library rules should be followed.

 Students are not allowed to give gifts to the teachers.

  Students are forbidden to contact outsiders without the permission of the principal.

  Loud talking, making indecent noise of any kind is not allowed.

  No visible chains, rings, bracelets, strips of any sort are to be worn.

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